why oh why?!!

i cant believe constantine got kicked out of american idol. really, what were the americans thinking?! damn it, it should’ve been scott. i’m so upset by this, constantine has so much charisma, even if his aren’t the best vocals. but he always gave very good performances. fuck, why?!! argh, it pains me to say this but i think carrie is the favourite to win. she’s the sweet, girl-next-door that most americans seem to love, country singer (damn rural music), blonde & no doubt she has a great voice (which reminds me of leann rimes). damn, i dont want her to win, just because she’s just too safe & boring. not appealing at all. all these has made me slightly lose interest in american idol. wonder if its worth watching anymore

tonight wasnt a good night. i dont know if life will be better but i hope God answers my prayers. i just want to lose myself into a book or something, just to distract myself from the cold, harsh world. this is depressing, i know. i’ve disappointed a lot of people (myself included) whom i care about & there’s so much that i regret, i wish i could turn back time to 2-3 years back just so i could right things. aih, i dont know anymore. life is such a rollercoaster, so many ups & downs. i wish & hope that things will be better


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  1. Lynnie
    Apr 29, 2005 @ 16:56:00

    yEs! oH yes!! Scott SHOULD have been voted out!! ish.. he’s sO boring to watch. Constantine was such a performer! It’s nice to see him perform eh?


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