muggle, quiddich……aah, i’ve become a pothead

yes, i must admit that i’m so in love with the harry potter books right now. i’ve been addicted to them for the past week & i’m now starting the 4th book, goblet of fire. ah, intriguing pieces of work. i’m so into them, i read till the wee hours of morning. well, when it comes to books, i can get a little obssessive intense, i just cant put them down. i’ve heard of the wonders of potter but never bothered to pick them up, believing them to be childish. well, how wrong was i. one cant be too old to enjoy harry potter. so this explains the absence from the world wide web for days on end, hee

anyway, i got back from ipoh last thursday. had such a wonderful 3 days. ate so much food, i’m going to gluttony hell. still trying to work the extra large pounds off. photos soon

hmm, i miss my college friends. i miss hanging out with them & being loud & ridiculous (hehehe). i kind of miss wangsa maju too; the market, tammy’s flat, the roads. aih

i was thinking of getting a part time job but its kind of hard with me having less than a month of break & moving to PJ soon. i seriously lack monetary funds. dont really want to burden my parents any more than i have to. they already have to pay for my rent in PJ & my university fees. so i resolve to get a job when i get to PJ. hopefully the schedule & transportation will permit

i’m going to get back to potter. i think i should pace myself & not rush through the books though. dont want it to end so fast 😉


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  1. ttheworldissquare
    Apr 27, 2005 @ 14:41:00

    i miss u too!and wm!and everything there!!bet px misses her sup sayur the most!!good to hear that you’re addicted to harrypottpott books! addicted to the couch and the remote!im worried abt gng to pj too.i dowana be using my parents’ money anymore.but that’s not gonna be possible unless i get a part-time job.But it all depends on our schedule and of coz,if we can get transport.Pray hard.Oh yeah…Ferdinand’s curly lips are soooo sexy……….!im becoming more and more like you…aiyorhhh!


  2. Lynnie
    Apr 27, 2005 @ 16:58:00

    I so love Harry Potter books! I’ve read all five over and over again! Countless times.. can’t wait for the fifth to be out! hehehe..;)well, for starters, to clear up the transport prob, get a scooter or bicycle or something! so convenient! chuck em’ in the hallway or longkang or something when there’s no parking. haha.. or better yet, get those foldable bicycles!! ;p See all of you soon! =)


  3. Lynnie
    Apr 27, 2005 @ 16:58:00

    oops, four. not five.


  4. Jaden
    Apr 28, 2005 @ 13:13:00

    tammy, i’ve always been addicted to the tv. more like me?! ahahha, i suke. px says the night in ipoh we were drinking wine, that we look alike. i think it may have been the wine talking, ahhaha. ish, bimbopot, suke giler laki curly lips tu. i tak suke..he’s in trouble now i think, read in the papers. lynn, wat u talking bout? the 5th book is already out la. now the 6th is coming out in july, me thinks. they make foldable bicycles? hmm, scooters, maybe ;phope to cya’ll soon!! =)


  5. ≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈
    Apr 29, 2005 @ 07:29:00

    yookie…tell me frankly. did u think i was one childish freak for being so into harry potter before u urself fell in love with it?!! hahaha…glad u liked it. i’m re-reading goblet while waiting for the 1/2blood prince. ntg much to do now actually. seriously, i missed the sup sayur a lot. and the kakak that simply charges. hahaha…miss u loads too!


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