my time here at tarc has finally ended (hopefully no failed papers) last monday. so what have i been up to since then? i’ve been quite a busy girl –>

  • monday, april 11 – went to watch be cool . it was damn hilarious at some parts, but overall i think the movie is ‘aight. its a celebrity-fest & nothing more. i mean, i didnt even really follow the story. the rock is damn good, i think he’s going to be a very successful actor. vince vaughn, i just love that guy. and i finally remembered the recording studio guy – harvey keitel! was cracking my brain to figure out his name & now i got it just before i went searching, hah
  • tuesday, april 12 – went to sunway lagoon. on the way, sue lynn wonders if it’ll be close on that day. lo & behold, we reached the counter & its closed on tuesdays. damn! but its a good thing in a way, gave me more time to get new shorts. so we went window shopping in pyramid then went back, boo hoo
  • wednesday, april 13 – finally sunway lagoon is opened & i bought new shorts from FOS the night before for only rm9.90. i had so much fun, especially in the water park. man, i so love being in the water. i dare not go on the ‘tomahawk’, a ride which goes 180 degrees or even the ‘ship’. i get dizzy easily & it doesnt go off immediately. aih. oh & i got burned a little on my shoulders, its already fading by now
  • thursday, april 14 – had an appointment with istara condo agent, who’s going to show us a lot thats rm1600. the price is quite cheap already but we’re not sure if the owner wants to rent to us because he actually wants to sell it

i’ve got loads of pictures to post. will do it after this


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