RIP Pope

Pope John Paul II died on saturday, april 2 (sunday, malaysian time). i dont know why, but i was a little saddened by it. i was expecting it because he was already very ill for a few days. since thursday or friday, i was constantly checking the news to see if the Pope has passed away. i dont know him personally, but i did cry a few times when i found out he had passed on. i guess maybe its because, as a Catholic, i grew up with him. he looked like a good man, he championed a lot of humanitarian causes & he supported inter-religious dialogue. although he was on the conservative side; he opposed birth control, homosexuality, divorce, etc (ie. everything that a liberal Christian like me wont mind), i believe he was just trying to do his best. and anyway, you cant expect a church leader to suddenly support/condone the stuff that is forbidden in the Bible.

i wish that i had had the chance to see him at St. Peter’s Square. he’s now in a much better place & i hope that i will get to meet him there.

i am always inspired by the pilgrimages people make to holy Christian sites. i read in the papers on sunday of guy doing just that, visiting Israel, Jordan, etc (too bad i missed the 1st part). i wish someday i can make pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Vatican City & etc


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