missing u

i didnt go back home this weekend, thought i’d do my assignments & get some studying done. lazy me, since its the weekend, i didnt do much, except save lots of models’ information and pictures. we’re doing a website on models for our webpage course. it feels quite overwhelming to do a website on our own but wtf, i’ll try. worse comes to worse, i only need to pass this course, then i’m off to utar! yay?! i guess. i’m actually quite excited to go live in PJ, in our own house/apartment. but the efforts & hassle of actually looking for a suitable & convenient is so troublesome & tiring (i tend to use too many ‘and’s in one sentence ;Þ)

i miss home so much. i know, i always whine about this =Þ i miss my beloved dogs, i wonder how they’re doing. i hope they’re happy & doing well. i miss my friends, i miss my parents. pui ling’s going back to india next friday, 25th. i wish i could have hung out with them this weekend before she goes back. glad she’ll be back home for good in about 4 months time

i have 3 tests at the end of this week. 2 major assignments are due the following week. ooh, the stress & anxiety/ why do i even bother excelling when i’m not sure if i can get a scholarship or not. my cgpa may is not good enough to get it. sigh

the OC has started its new season on 8tv. yay! going to watch it now =)


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  1. Lynnie
    Mar 20, 2005 @ 14:28:00

    yea, we need at least a 3 point freaking 9 to get a scholarship. well, in my state, even if i get a 4 flat this sem, i’ll never be able to reach that ridiculous 3.9! nvm, let’s just enjoy our last sem in tarc! 😉


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