*georgia on my mind…how can u mend a broken heart?*

i found out that mario vasquez has just quit american idol. why?!! i dont know the reason for his departure & i shall wait til this friday when it shows on 8tv to find out. man, he’s one of the most talented performers & he’s hot too (did anyone notice that he looks just like jai rodriguez of queer eye?) why did he have to leave?? its so bittersweet because nikko smith, another very talented singer (who sang georgia on my mind last week, hence the title of today’s post) is in the finals to replace mario. i guess i have to be thankful that there are still so many talented ones in the competition

i enjoy the 4th edition of american idol. especially the guys, who are all so damn good, except a few of course. every week, their performances are the best. the girls, i like mikalah & vonzell. granted i didnt watch much of the girls performances this past week, but from what i saw & my sister’s assessment, the guys are a notch better. in fact, i think this group is a lot better than the last. they perform better, are very talented & so far, quite consistent. oh man, i just love anwar, bo, nikko, constantine, mario, scott & the others. they’re just so fucking good. i think everyone in the top 12 deserve to be there

my sis just bought alejandro sanz’s latest album, grandes exitos, meaning big success (translated from our little guidebook). ooh, alejandro is such a great songwriter & singer. he just oozes passion & sensuality 😉 this album is a steal, 2 cds with songs spanning his 13 year career for only rm51.90. its worth every ringgit, haha. i’m listening to the album now. its just gives a very european, latin, passionate feeling. i like it a lot!

note: i found out that the original vcd for sepet has already come out. maybe i shall get it. its only rm19.90, uncensored. goodies!
2nd note: i should get a new handbag & maybe a wallet. quick, mng have a sale!!


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