chelsea, chelsea!!

i am so damn happy that chelsea won the match on tuesday against barcelona. of course, there’s no doubt that barca is a very good team with many talented players. that match, which finished on 5-4 aggregate, was a fantastic one. ooh, i’m so in love with the team right now. john terry, the talented & influential defender & skipper, was simply awesome. frank lampard, joe cole, petr cech, etc were also damn awesome. ahh, i cant stop gushing over their achievement. i cant wait for the semifinals =D also, i’m glad that 2 italian teams qualified for the semis, with inter still to play next week. hopefully they will pull through


omf, i went ice-skating today & i’m now so tired. my right arm is a little sore, i dont know from what. we celebrated jinwen’s birthday today(thursday), a day earlier. went to sunway pyramid, ate lunch then went to skate. man, was i nervous but still, i’m glad i tried it out. i lost my balance & fell on ass many times, its so funny. didnt feel embarassed at that time, hahaha. skated the rink 3 times before i gave up & went back in. its a fun & interesting experience, though i’m not sure if i’ll do it again any time soon 😉 funny thing is, everytime my friends say that i’ve improved, i’ll immediately lose balance & fall. ahh, must not lose focus, ahaha

went to red chamber in bangsar to try out shisha, which i’m still not sure what it is. it smelled to me like burning flavoured tea, i dont know why. anyway, i didnt feel anything after smoking it & it didnt even taste peachy. hmmm

i’m very exhausted now, so i’m going to finish packing my stuff, because i’m going back tomorrow, & then sleeeeepp. luckily class is at 11 tomorrow. i think i want to get some shoes before the sales ends



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  1. ttheworldissquare
    Mar 15, 2005 @ 10:50:00

    haha,i and suelynn have planned to go back(ice-skatinglah!) and u better come along!!:)


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