oh pretty baby

now i understand when pui yee says she has difficulty thinking of a title to a post. i cant think of anything good & there’s almost a bit of pressure to think of something clever but as most of the time (if not all), i’m quite lame, so you’ll just have to deal

this morning was oscars time, was looking forward to it as i always do every year. i had everything perfectly planned – i’ll wake up around 8.30, just in case they show the red carpet earlier, then i’ll skip the first lecture & then go to class at 1pm. well, i woke up too early & had to kind of nap/lie down for half an hour before the awards actually start. all was good; they showed the red carpet, everyone was gorgeous. when it was time for the awards ceremony itself, *ZAP* my tv went blank & i was like OMF!!! i cant believe that the moment the show was going to start, the damn circuit box decided to snap off. me & my sis consoled ourselves by saying that it’ll be repeated later tonight. fortunately, the power snap back on about 5 minutes later, but as we were enjoying chris rock’s monologue, *BAM* the power went off again. fuck! this happened 4-5 times before i gave up & went back to sleep. i was afraid my tv would emit some smoke & burst into flames if the ‘on-off-on-off’ game went on any longer. anyway, when i was preparing to go to class at 12-ish, the power still havent come back on & i realise then that our block was the only one without electricity. damn! i sure hope the repeat tonight wont be rudely interrupted. i’ve been here for less than a year & the electricity has been cut off over 10 times (i’m not exaggerating). urgh, i hope the next place i stay at wont be like this

i want to watch million dollar baby & sideways. i know the endings to both movies but i still want to watch them, especially sideways. must get dvd

i’m thinking that i should post more pictures but i’m too lazy. go to my photo album/gallery instead

i’m learning html this semester. oh yeah, fun, i guess. social psychology is interesting, the lecturer is good, speaks with a formal english accent. she’s one of the few lecturer’s i’ve met who spoke impecabble english, so thats a good sign, i think. i’ve always like analysing the human psyche, so this’ll be interesing, i hope. lastly, its Islamic & asian civilisations. taught in malay but i guess i can tolerate it. i like history but i just dont like studying it (or anything else for that matter) in malay. it reminds me of secondary school & the stifling boredom i felt

pui ling’s back from india, hope to meet up with her this time. unlike the last time when circumstances prevented us from meeting up, bleh. so yay! she’s back. another yamcha kaki =D


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