got back to the hostel on sunday, the 20th. later that night, i realised that i forgot to bring my toothbrush. whats a situation like me to do in a girl like this? (lol, mummy returns joke, lame ;Þ though i do sometimes talk like that)

since dear sis wouldnt let me borrow hers (i dont know if i would either if the situation was reversed; which is not likely to happen anyway). so i did what any sane person would do – i used my fingers to brush smear my teeth with toothpaste. a funny sight, only that no one was around in the bathroom to share in the fun. all the fun came to a halt when i bought a toothbrush from the convenience store the very next morning *sparkly teeth again* =D

btw, i still have saturday classes this semester. damn fucking college made the timetable so packed. but fortunately, those are lectures on saturdays *wink, wink* muahaha, so i guess i could skip them once in a while

currently loves listening to
a perfect circle’s passive (i’d love to listen to noose again also. i am liking this band more & more. this song is featured in constantine, in what i think is a uber sexy & cool scene)

tori amos’ sleeps with butterflies (my sis is crazy over this beauty. i like it a lot too)
– ooh, i still love green day’s boulevard of broken dreams. great song

::updated my photo albums

*keanu.hot.drools.sigh =)*
edit: i forgot to mention that me & sis went to watch constantine again last wednesday, muahahha. we’re obsessed, i know

babihwa out


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