havent been here for a while, what with the slow net connection & lack of ideas. anyways, here’s sort of a recap of happenings since the last time i posted, for anyone who’s interested, that is, heh ;Þ (i cant imagine why anyone’d be interested in my earth-shattering dull life events)

on 5 feb, i turned 21. it didnt feel any different, i was wondering ‘ok, whats next?’. it wasnt an earth-shattering, lightning-striking, thunderous moment of truth. anyway, i went out for dinner with a few close friends. ate cheese cake, went to mamak inappropriately-dressed (well, it was after dinner), went home happy. oh yeah, & i got a very beautiful strapless top from the guys. steph always had great taste in fashion =D its green with a ribbon around it, cant wear it to class but its perfect for clubbing/night-out. i love it, to say the least. also, got a green sling bag from sis & beautiful, white-gold necklace with a key pendant from mum, who got it from her mum when she turned 21. nice!

so then its the start of chinese new year on wednesday. visited the usual relatives but got a surprise visit from my dad’s brother, my third uncle. very pleasant surprise because we havent seen him & his family for over 10 years. unfortunately, my dad wasnt home at that time. anyway, another good thing was that we got a big angpow from dear ol’ unc. double bonus =)

visiting was ok, i now have more nieces & nephews that i can count. i’ve also recently become a grand aunt *oiks!* yes, my much-older cousin’s son (my nephew, who’s also older than me) had a beautiful baby boy last year. he’s oh sooooo cute & cherubic. feel like pinching the chubby cheeks of his. awwww, babies…need to brush up on my baby skills (or acquire some). i seem to be quite shy in front of the babes, i dont know why *kuchi, kuchi baby*

went out with friends on saturday for some visiting. now, i realise that my circle of friends here are getting smaller & smaller. some have gone overseas, but most have drifted apart. but those that drifted werent really close friends anyway (well, except one, which is quite dishearthening). i dont really mind i guess, because i’d rather have a few best, close friends than 20 not-so-close friends/acquaintances, that some i dont even really like anyway. but sometimes, its kind of fun to have a big group celebrating, doing something grand but i’d much prefer hanging out with those close to me. maybe its because i’m getting older & becoming more of my own person, i guess

watched constantine today with sis but i think i’ll continue with this in the next update because i want to put in my thoughts on the movie…cheerios. happy cny, i guess

note: i like green a lot, i think it may be the new black & pink for me


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