OMF!! (thats oh my fuck for the uninitiated. i shall try not to use God’s name in vain, hee)

so, as i was saying, OMG OMF i watched one of the best movies this year (& its not even march yet). the movie in question – constantine. i’ll have to admit that i’ve never heard of or read the hellblazer graphic novels. now i wish i can get my hands on them. its such a fantastic comic, judging by the movie plotline

keanu reeves, i think either people think he’s wooden or they’ll forever associate him with either ted (dude!) or neo (the one, bleh). but to my relief & i think hopefully everyone else, he doesnt disappoint in constantine. like i said, i’ve never read the graphic novels, so i’m basing my judgement based on the movie. he’s really good in the movie, being a bitter, cynical anti-hero but at the same time, making us symphatise with him (and the fact that he looks hot here doesnt hurt either). his constant struggle with his power to see angels & demons, his fight to get into heaven & his selfish intentions of riding earth of the devil’s minions. i mean, as a Catholic, i understand the constant struggle with temptations & evil & the test on our faith. religion & faith in movies always get me emotional & help me reaffirm my faith in God

i enjoyed every minute of the movie, though i dont get some of the scenes (like angel gabriel’s intentions or what constantine is doing with his arm tattoos at the end). as i said, i dont know the character that well. rachel weisz is good as usual, though the gratuitous scenes of her in wet, white clothes were quite grating on the nerves. i love her & think she’s very beautiful & all, but does the director need to have her wearing white & then getting her in the water everytime??

the other characters like balthazar (gavin rossdale), papa midnite (djimon honsou), the devil, angel gabriel (tilda swinton) are all so fucking cool & good. what wonderful sets & effects & lighting. i love how LA is portrayed & the classic noir feel. it felt timeless, yet modern. i’m glad that they didnt make it into another lame ass action movie with tons of effects with no story or character development. ooh, the tres cool scenes one after another, fantastic characters & supernatural elements make me wanting more. i’d definitely watch this again to immerse myself in it & understand more what the movie is about

go watch it people!!


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