ladettes to ladies…wtf?!!

i think reality shows have sunken to a new low, with shows like ‘who’s your daddy?’ (a show where a woman given up for adoption has to guess which is her biological father). i was just watching this brit reality show ‘ladettes to ladies’, i was like wtf?!! what will they think of next?

its a show where a bunch of so-called tomboys (lad[boy]-ettes, get it?) are trained & transformed into ladies. i was in disbelief at first. i mean, come on, in this day & age where women are striving to be independant & be treated equally & seriously, they come out with a show like this. i’m quite offended. those old-fashioned lady-like notions where a woman is suppose to know how to cook, sew, arrange flowers (!), etc. what is this? the 10 or so women in the show are sent (voluntarily or otherwise) to a finishing school, where women are taught ‘lady-skills’ so that they could snag a husband & make him happy with their homemaking skills. omf!!! i cant stand this

and the women werent really that ‘tomboy’ anyway. none of them even had boy-cut hair styles. to me, i think its just ordinary behaviour, even i act like that. for instance, they show the women swearing, drinking & belching, being loud, showing middrifts or cleavages, etc. of course, being drunk & making a fool of yourself & dressing like a slut is not flattering at all but its their choice. i’m all for freedom of choice

btw, whats so wrong about swearing? is it only acceptable when guys do it, because well, their guys after all? i’ve always revelled in doing/liking things that werent really acceptable for girls. i mean, sometimes i like breaking society’s norms & the gender stereotypes they impose on us. in the show, the women were given uniforms of pink cardigans with black knee-length skirts with black pumps. so damn boring & aunty-like. i have nothing against pink, because hey, its one of my favourite colours. but the attire they’re suppose to wear were, omf, seriously old-fashioned & country

admittedly, in the past i’ve always resisted being too girly & wearing pink. but now i’ve learned that even though i’m a feminist (i believe in equality, men & women should be treated at the same level but of course i know we’re not the same), i’m embracing my feminity more. because after all, i am a girl. but it doesnt mean that i’m going to submit myself to gender roles, where i’m suppose to be soft-spoken, submissive & all the other bullshit. its just not me. well, i was told that i appeared soft-spoken. i think its more of a shy-in-front-of-strangers kind of thing because i’m not at all soft-spoken. polite & soft-spokenness are 2 different things. i detest being said that i’m soft-spoken. also, i cant stand girls who are too girly & submissive, no balls at all

i love watching football & most sports; i know how to cook, sew (though i hate it) & general household stuff; i know how to do woodwork & a little plumbing (thanks to secondary school’s kemahiran hidup); i love playing video games; i prefer drama/fantasy books & films to romantic, lovey-dovey types; i’m very emotional but i can kick your ass too; i love rock music (and also some of the other genres). i can be loud when among close friends. i swear (obviously- fuck is my current favourite word ;Þ). but i also love to dress up & apply make up. i guess i am a little of a paradox. i had friends who were surprised that i listened to some metal music because, again they say that i dont look like the type. i’m so feminine & yet i like doing some stuff that are generally associated with guys

i’ll stop my babbling now


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  1. Anonymous
    Feb 03, 2005 @ 17:57:00

    amen to feminity. never anybody claimed i am soft-spoken though. but sometimes i wish i’m LESS rough and more ladylike. i cook, sew, clean house, iron clothes, don’t know how to change tyres, don’t like roughing it out too often. but darn it, i swear and behave terribly, too. anyways, people are sadistic. guessing ur own biological father, how more cruel and sick people can be? (answer: we don’t know yet) anyhoo, yook hwa, happy 21st! 🙂 i’m py, btw.


  2. Jaden
    Feb 05, 2005 @ 07:32:00

    puiyee!! thank u for the bday wish =) & i’m glad someone feels the same too bout what i wrote


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