i’ll be eligible to vote soon, bleh

i had wanted to write about a lot of things yesterday but now, all thoughts seem to elude me. the only thing thats on my mind now is the fact that i’m turning 21 this saturday. i’m not trying to be vain or anything, but its damn hard to ignore when you’re reaching a milestone in life. i’m not sure if it can be called that, but i dont know how else to put it. i was quite sad last year when i bid farewell to my teenage years; & now its time to face this, the prospect of turning 21, the legal age of voting. i dont know what to think, i dont even know how or where to celebrate. nowadays, i feel disconnected somehow, with everyone being busy & all. i’ll be receiving the ‘key’ to my freedom soon, not that i didnt have it prior to this. i dont know, i guess turning 21 wont change things a lot, ie. i dont really have a curfew anyway. i’ve realised that i’ve changed a bit; personality-wise

*everybody’s changing & i dont feel the same*

i’m gonna go offline soon to watch tv (i know, i know, i realise that my brain cells are slowly being destroyed by the evil box everyday. so fucking what? ;Þ ) by the way, to whom it may concerned, tammy has her blog up & running

*i’m growing old up so fast 😦 *


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