*i just wanna live*

all evening, i’ve been itching to write something but i was defragmenting my computer. finally couldnt stand it & just stop the defrag & will continue tomorrow. so its the new year (yes, 3 weeks later & only now i’m writing about it), and you know people make ny’s resolutions. i typically dont because i dont usually manage to fulfil them. so, i’m making a to-do/achieve list & also a what-i-hope-to-purchase list =) i know, the best-laid plans could go awry. but i like making lists, it makes me more focused, my mind clearer

in 2005, i hope i’ll be able to:

  • work-out more & lose more weight & have a more toned body

  • learn yoga, pilates, kickboxing and/or capoiera (i know, i’m delusionally ambitious)
  • have more determination, especially in my studies
  • make more time for my friends & not let distance, busy lives, boyfriends get in the way of bonding
  • learn to appreciate my family, friends & life more
  • treat my parents better, my sister also and snap less at them
  • control my temper and mood swings
  • take better care of my (physical) health & appearance

  • read and learn more
  • watch more movies; especially obscure, non-mainstream ones and the classics
  • go to more concerts, clubs, hang-outs
  • learn some basic life stuff like swimming, cycling, skating, etc

  • drive
  • have more money
  • learn the drums/guitar, hopefully

in 2005, things i hope to get:

  • a tattoo or two (if infection & budget permissible)
  • get another piercing or two (if i have a flat enough tummy & can also handle the infections again)
  • digital camera
  • astro
  • more clothes, shoes (boots!), accessories, make-up, handbags, books (i’m slightly materialistic)
  • a portable cd player
  • a car, automatic is optional (dream on, girl)

i cant think of anything else, i think this is about it. quite long lists, i must say. now that i’ve put everything into writing typing, i think its become clear what i want. hope i’ll achieve some of them, if not most =)

so before the computer crashes (touch wood), because i’ve turn it on for almost 9 hours i’ll sign off & sleep. tomorrow, i’m going to midvalley for some window shopping with janice..ooh fun!

*feel like writing more but, eh, cant. dont want to further torture the computer*


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