i’m bored as hell and boredom does something to my brain that isnt pleasant. an idle mind is a breeding ground for dark & lonely thoughts. well, it is for me today and sometimes, almost every other day

i wonder how some people can so openly write about their inner, dark thoughts online, out in the public. they write them in detail. i really admire them. i’m used to keeping everything inside & projecting a happier face because i dont want to burden others with my problems. only my closest, best friends know about some of my problems & even that, only on the surface. i feel like people wont like hanging out with a constantly depressed & moody person. though i’m not always like this all the time, there’s as many bad days (or more) as the good days. aih, i dont even have my private offline journal with me right now. forgot to pack it with me yesterday

enough of openness for today. on another note, i really love green day’s ‘boulevard of broken dreams’. such beautiful lyrics & accoustics. billy joel is my man =D another song that i currently enjoy is good charlotte’s ‘i just wanna live’. never thought that i’d enjoy their songs. always had the impression of them being shallow punk wannabes who have high-pitched, annoying thin voice like some other band. my how they’ve grown ;Þ nelly’s suit album is also quite enjoyable. by the way, i wonder why korn decided to cover ‘word up’. is it suppose to be a satire of some sorts? because its nothing like them (or maybe i dont know them that well at all)


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  1. ttheworldissquare
    Jan 22, 2005 @ 14:02:00

    babihwa,GC are not high-school punks!they’re old!!
    sigh…you’re listening to nelly and gc?dieler,ur becoming like me d…later u’d be into black fellas like usher and jay-z…sigh.neways,just wana say,u got good taste…hehe *winks* err,but there are exceptions of coz…like don cheadle..and lleyton hewitt!!


  2. Jaden
    Jan 23, 2005 @ 08:11:00

    tami klue!! sei lor, u’ve become a ‘bad’ influence to me. sometimes, i find ‘drop it like its hot’ catchy la. ahahhahaha…btw, i repeat, don cheadle does not look like a monkey. he’s very talented wan ok! plus i do not like lleyton hewitt anymore ;Þ


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