retail therapy

these past few days, i’ve been a little panicky. partly because of the looming exams & also i think its my hormones. anyway, i was on the verge of a panic attack (i think) when i finally went to bed at 4am this morning. heart was beating rapidly, when i suddenly realised that i dont have some notes on the art movements. bleh. couldnt do anything about it until later in the morning. so anyway, all said & done, i got most of the art notes, some tips & hopefully i’ll be getting the art movement notes on monday. i keep telling myself not to be so anxious bout it, that i can handle & overcome it

so today i went to get some much needed retail therapy. there were sales everywhere, so the ‘kiasu’ in me couldnt resist. anyway, i was in need of another pair of jeans. so, even though i wasnt really in the best of financial situations, i needed a break from the hectic worrying & fretting. went to klcc mall & got myself

  • a pair of jeans from romp (nice!)
  • couple of knickers from topshop (cute!)
  • a pink off-shoulder top from mng
  • hot pink patterned sleeveless top with a ribbon around it from soda

i know, i know, i risk being a pink lady (or maybe i already am) couldnt resist them, they were in my favourite colours – black & pink. sigh~ i’m very contented & happy now but i’m also a little worried about my financial situation in the future. guess i’ll have to work it out *God help me*

i risk sounding even more shallow than i already am *bimbo* but i like i going to klcc because of all the hot foreigners there. my sis & i saw a couple of guys, one with red dreads & the other bald & tattooed at romp. our noses nearly bled on the spot. we had to keep our drool from dripping all over the place. seriously, they were very attractive (at least, in our opinion). i was kind of obsessed with them for a while, hoping to catch a glimpse of them again after we left the shop. thanks be to God, i ran into them again outside of tower records. we followed them into guardian, in the hopes of hearing what language they speak & thus guess where they were from. too bad we couldnt hear much. but our guess was they were either dutch or german. most likely dutch. i’m not sure. u know, they make a cute couple *swoons*

so with my anxiety reduced, i’m now (relatively) motivated to continue on my studying

cheerios (i kind of like that word ;Þ) i’ll say it again, cheerios!

listening to: keane’s somewhere only we know

feeling: contented, satisfied, tired, happy

last movie watched: a home at the end of the world

ps: i remembered what the hole in the previous post is called…………………………………the drain!!


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  1. Lynnie
    Jan 09, 2005 @ 08:02:00

    hey, can u email me the art movement’s notes once you have them? thanks! =)

    i cannot concentrate on what i’m studying.. or rather, i don’t know what to study.



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