flooded WC

i finally learned how to strike out a word. yay! easy-peasy. and i resize the sidebar contents, felt it was a little too big

was showering just now when i realised that the hole where water flows out (the correct term eludes me now) was overflowing! triple eeeww. hair & what-not would’ve floated towards me if i hadn’t realise it sooner. now i’ve to shower in another stall or always be on the lookout for the over-pouring hole. damn, it was my favourite out of all the other disgusting stalls. it was relatively clean, had a plastic door (as opposed to the disgusting, rotting wooden ones some stalls have) & was brightly lit. it doesnt help matters that there’s only 5 stalls for about 40 people on the same floor. sigh

i’m beginning to dislike the unky moods i’ve been using. it doesnt really have much choices. cant find a mood icon that says precisely (or at least close) to what i’m feeling. so from now on, i think i’m going to have to write/create my own

u know, many thoughts were going through my head as i was showering (as i’m wont to do) but all i can think now is food

feeling: hungry

music: the radio playing gwen stefani’s ultra annoying what u waiting for


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