a home at the end of the world

just finished watching a home at the end of the world, based on the novel by michael cunningham, who also wrote the hours. a very poignant, melancholic & beautiful independant film. colin farrell’s in it, with robin wright-penn, dallas roberts & sissy spacek. i know, i know, i should have been studying; i’ll do it after this ;Þ

anyway, it is a very good movie, i must say. very thought-provoking & emotionally-engaging. i dont know why, but i had a pit in my stomach the whole time i was watching. its not the typical movie, where it has a happy ending or everyone ends up with somebody. just what i’m in the mood for. the movie’s about relationships & how complicated it can be. i mean, maybe i’m still young or maybe its the society here, we tend to be quite idealistic about the complexity of relationships and the harsh real world. are all relationships the same as we define/thought it to be? man & woman, fall in love, marry & have babies? i remember watching an episode of nip/tuck, where a transexual falls in love with a woman. the former wants to be (straight) woman & is half way through, then she falls for another woman. i mean, how complicated is that? or maybe its just very simple, two human beings having feelings for each other & we’re just too close-minded to think it so. why is it that every relationship has to be the conventional/orthodox one? who’s to say what’s right or wrong? who’s to say what’s normal & what’s not, eh?

the acting was great, colin farrell really impressed me with his sensitive portrayal of a young, free-spirited, open man, who’s part of an unconventional threesome family. everyone was great in the movie. i like dallas roberts in the movie, he’s sexy & very compelling. oh, & i love robin wright-penn’s hair, she’s very cool & eccentric. it’s a simple, sombre film about relationships. the complexities of love, relationships & sexuality. who says life is ever easy? 😉 the end of the movie is just like real life, not everyone has a happy ending & not everything will turn out the way we want it

go to the link above to find out more about the movie. i recommend it to anyone who’s open to anything. after the exams, i must find the book (and the hours) & read them. by the way, the movie has a nice soundtrack

*as usual, my mind’s a jumble of thoughts, so this is all i can get out of it without being too confusing*

update (5.15pm): now looking at some of the photos of the movie from yahoo, its strange that i dont remember seeing some of the scenes depicted in the photos. now, either my brain suddenly went dead on me during the movie, or some scenes were cut. well, obviously we all know its the latter ;Þ hmmph, i hate the fact that scenes were cut out. it irritates me so

i love new york


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