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ok, i was bored & needed a nap but as usual, i cant get away from the computer unless i’m pried from the chair with a forklift =Þ

anyway, i went looking for the meaning of my Christian name, seeing that its very rarely used or heard in this part of the world. my parents have told me before that me & my sis’s names are french-versions of english names, but we didnt really believed them..hahha, well, am i glad we’ve been proven wrong


  • french usage

  • feminine form of emil (hmmm)

i seldom use/am refered to as emeline maybe because its not in my birth certificate. well, only some of my relatives & my parents refer to me as such. i kind of like the name but too bad, i dont have the chance to use it often. you see, people tend to (mis)pronounce my name as
emily, which irks me or some just cant quite catch the name. its not common here (or even among the english-speaking parts) see. even my chinese name is kind of hard for people to grasp. my oldest & closest friends call me by my surname, the reason i’m not really sure. maybe because of the ‘hard-to-grasp/pronounce’ thingy. anyway, coming to college, i’ve fret over which name to introduce myself as. at my previous college (inti) i was simply yook, thinking that its quite easy to remember (like ling or mei, you see). then when i was working at the hotel, i was simply loh (my surname), as my mum so eloquently introduced me to her colleagues. now, at tar college, i’ve decided to use my birth-given name & went with yook hwa. surprisingly, people actually remember my name. you know, it always suprises me that people know/remember my name because i was always the unknown in the group/class. i dont know, i guess growing up has made me appreciate my names more. i sometimes just wish that i dont have so many names. there was a time when i didnt know which name to be known as; yook hwa or emeline. there was a nametag tug-of-war.several times in the past, i’ve often confused my friend’s church friends (& myself even), when i introduced myself as emeline one day & yook hwa the next =D then i gave up the fretting and decided to just use the name on birth certificate since i wont be accused of creating an ultra-funky english name like some other ‘chinese’ people (i call them ‘lala’) tend to do. but then emeline sounds nothing like ‘fish’, ‘noodle’, ‘orange’ or some other similarly misguided, irritating name. .

damn, its so hard to find the meaning to my Christian name. there’re only two sites that have my name in the database. ok according to babynameworld, emeline means industrious and its origin is teutonic. hmm, must find out the meaning of teutonic. industrious?! i dont think i’m anything like my name, hahaha

by the way, my sis’s christian name is petrine/petrina, now that’s even rarer, i think

*i realised that i typed my names in italic so that people can read them clearly. i’m narcisistic that way =Þ*

update (9.35pm): meaning of teutonic (according to my ever-reliable Concise Oxford Dictionary)relating to or charateristic of the Germanic peoples or their languages

so how does that relate to the French language? well refering to my above-mentioned dictionary, French originated from Italic, while English (modern) originated from Germanic, ie. Teutonic. ah, interesting. i wish i could study about the history/origin of languages and a whole lot of other related stuff


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  1. Lynnie
    Dec 30, 2004 @ 13:57:00

    you know, i used to dislike my name as it was really hard for ppl to pronounce too.(don’t know why) they either pronounce it xue ling or swee lynn. damn. they just came seem to get suelynn right. now, i love it! 🙂 heck those who can’t pronounce a simple name like mine!

    anyway, i like your christian name! it is indeed a rare name! i like~ hehe..=p but i think your sister’s name isn’t that rare though, i know quite a few ppl by the name of petrina but none emiline.(did i spelled it correctly?)

    see you next year! *wink!*


  2. Jaden
    Dec 30, 2004 @ 15:53:00

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  3. Jaden
    Dec 30, 2004 @ 15:56:00

    hahaha, must be something wrong with those ppl who cant even pronounce ur name. its so simple!

    thx! yeah, her name is more common in that sense but i cant seem to find her exact name online for the meaning. hmmm….anyways, its emeline, lol =D

    cya next year!! all the best in the finals


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