my mind’s spinning

phew, art is finally over. the presentation was, hmm, i’m not sure. its quite short but i dont how she’ll evaluate us. we’re both (tammy & i) too lazy & anxious bout the upcoming finals to even bother that much. honestly, all these assignments due so close to exam dates are just plain troublesome. we should have finished everything at least 3 weeks before the finals

now, my mind’s a blur because i have too much information to sort out. i’m like that when i suddenly get too much information at once or have to settle everything at the last minute (my mind’s a little slow sometimes, though my sis would say that it’s slow all the time, so forgive me ) oh man, i need to get the complete art notes, public speaking syllabus & exam slip. since tomorrow i wont be going to class cos i’ve just remembered that my management lecture is cancelled, i’ll just have to get all those information next week from pei xzan. feel a little guilty for troubling her. ok now that i’ve written all that down, my mind’s a little clearer now

i should have gone home today, but because of all the focus on our art presentation, i totally forgot that i dont have management lecture tomorrow (& yes, i just realised that i’ve repeated myself ;ƞ). so what’s the use of going, i figured. am going back tomorrow & skipping the rest of the classes, which is only a couple; a computer studies lecture & english tutorial

my sis has gone home today & i have some precious time alone. i’m a little apprehensive because its been quite a while since i’ve been left alone here. but i guess its kind of fun. i get to have the computer all to myself, hahhaha. so thats good šŸ˜‰

note to self – i need to learn how to cross out words in html & get smileys

its so sad & horrendous about the tsunami & its effects on countries & its people. its the single most devastating disaster i’ve ever witnessed (indirectly) in my whole life. its so close to home, i feel helpless & frightened. i guess now, after reading some victims’ accounts & the damage it has done to nations, i’m finally hit by the impact of it all. i was so shocked when i read that a few of the Azurris (Italian football team) – inzaghi, maldini & zambrotta were holidaying at the Maldives. luckily they escaped unhurt. or i’d have been even more upset. i wish i could help the victims financially. so, i think its fitting that all new year’s celebrations are cancelled. it wouldnt be appropriate & respectful if it continued. personally, i dont usually celebate NY’s. its just another day, another holiday to me.

i’ll stop typing now & snoop on other people’s blog, muahaha ;ƞ (i’m getting sick of typing sideways smileys)

*i’m getting cold easily nowadays. wonder why? all this extra body fat is of no use. bleh*


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