watched phantom of the opera last friday, on christmas eve. well, the movie was alright but i just love the soundtrack! OMFG, its just so good & memorable. and minnie driver is hilarious as La Carlotta, the spoiled italian diva. emmy rossum (day after tomorrow) has such a wonderful voice. gerard butler (tomb raider 2) & patrick wilson (angels in america) were both dashing, but i prefer the phantom better. masks & outfits. but i kind of get a disjointed feeling when christine & raoul were suddenly in love again after only reuniting for a day. eh, all in all the movie was memorable because of the music & beautiful costumes, sets & the actors, of course ;Þ i’m so excited that i downloaded the theme song for phantom =D

finals is in about 2 weeks…ack!!

*i want to watch the production of sound of music next year*


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