*i’ll be home for christmas*

i’ll be home in about 4 hours (crosses fingers). yay!! i’m so excited & happy. but i’m too sleepy now to even think straight *yawn*

i cant think of anything to write now except that i love goth bois (with eyeliner, black nail polish, piercings & tattoos), muahahhaha!!


*going to nap a little before meeting my sis to go home together*


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Dec 25, 2004 @ 15:25:00

    meowwwwwwwwwww bimbo! hahaha u dun even fit into the first rule of being bimbonic…blond…..why tammy call u bimbo one? why wor? why??? tell me why! whyyyy….anyways, merry merry merry merry merry christmas! where’s my present, hah? HAH? oh. oh. i’m puiyee ah! u know who i am or not, ha?


  2. Jaden
    Dec 26, 2004 @ 13:04:00

    pui yee! i dont know why ler, why dont u ask her la? aiks, i know, i dont even fit the bill. present? i’ll give u a hug when i see u, muahahaha. hey, its the thought that counts, ok ;p merry christmas & happy new year!!


  3. depressed and lonely soul
    Dec 27, 2004 @ 08:54:00

    Hmm..blonde bitch I like goth guys too.


  4. Jaden
    Dec 28, 2004 @ 06:59:00

    hi, i see u’re from new zealand. love that country..yes, aren’t goth boys the best? 😉 btw, i’m not blonde


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