*the bimbo has arrived*

reading other people’s blogs can be very entertaining & inspiring. *wicked amusement* so what have i got to say today? nothing much, though a lot is on my mind now, with finals looming ever so near

in a couple of weeks, i’ll be finally done with assignments (art & C programming). then there’ll be revision & past year questions to do. then, then (dare i say it so soon?) it’ll be holidays!! yay! ok, i think i’m counting my eggs too soon ;Þ


there’s been news that there was a rape case that happened in the hostel last week. how horrible. damn bastards. the college & management doesnt seem to be doing anything, other than having extra security outside the main gate. but how do you know if the intruders didnt come in through other places? think people, think. fuck. now we (px, my sis & i) have to be extra careful & cautious when going to the bathroom. dammit, as if we didnt have enough worries & fears already. why is it always women that have to live in fear? i’ve said this & i’ll say it again- i think all rapists & aggressors towards women should be castrated & have their dicks shoved up their asses. see how they would feel being violated. fucking assholes


happy tree friends have new kringles up. so wickedly & disgustingly amusing. its a must-see

music: rocking, loud music

note: programming makes me want to breakdown..argh!


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