*soon it will be christmas day*

havent been home for 2 weeks now. starting to miss my family, especially my bubus, a lot. well, am having financial constraints but hopefully as usual, everything will work out fine.

bought lotr-return of the king extended edition vcd on tuesday, dec 14, the day of release. couldnt wait any longer, not that i’ve been anticipating it as much as previous years. maybe cos its been almost a year since i watched the movie. havent had enough time to watch all 4 hours of it & since the computer screen is too small. i think i’m going to watch it in the comforts of my home =D

watched ocean’s twelve on wednesday at klcc. i dont know what to say about the movie. i mean, i kind of enjoyed it, but the ending confused me (like why was the Faberge egg transported by a courier on a train??) maybe i wasnt paying that much attention or i’m too dumb to figure it out. there’s a lot of loopholes/unexplained stuff in the movie, but i’m kind of lazy to figure it out anymore. i have to say, shallow it might be, the movie had a lot of eye-candy. maybe thats why i was distracted & enjoyed myself. brad pitt (he who dresses like gigolo), don cheadle (sexy brit accent), vincent cassel (hot body doing the capoeira) & catherine zeta-jones (she looks younger & slimmer here)

bimbo signing off


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