i’m so fucking pissed at my art lecturer right now. in fact, i’m also pissed at my public speaking lecturer. want to know why? because i wasted my whole day waiting for their classes, just to be told at the last minute that classes are cancelled. those bitches!!

this is not the first time. since the start of the semester, both of them (coincidentally from the same school of humanities & arts) have had cancelled classes, sometimes with prior notice, sometimes we only find out when we call them right before class starts. how dumb is this?! i cant believe that i’ll face this kind of problem in a college. back in school, when classes were cancelled, we were happy because there wont be lessons. its not like we can go back if there’s no classes during our schooling times. but now in college, if one class is cancelled, there may be another one later & we may have to wait a few hours for that. this is just what happened today & numerous other times. we waited one & half hours to be told just before class was suppose to start that the lecturer has cancelled on us. and both of them didnt even have the courtesy or decency to inform us. my art lecturer told my friend but the public speaking never even called until we called her to ask. omg!! what an irresponsible asshole!

what do they think this is?! their grandfather’s college? we paid good money (albeit much less than other colleges) but we expect the same, if not better quality of education & services from them



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