one of the best movies i’ve seen this year

1st let me get all the swearing out from my system ~~> alexander is a damn good movie & jared leto (& basically all the males in the movie) are fucking hot!

now thats out of the way, seriously alexander is a must-watch. its one of the most beautiful, courageous mainstream movie that i’ve ever seen (disregard the fact that there are many, many movies i havent seen yet). nevertheless, almost every scene is breath-taking. the lost city of babylon, the ancient alexandria library, the sets, the costumes & of course, the cast were all so beautifully created *sigh*

wow, i must say that colin farrell is one talented actor & also angelina jolie, that is one hot & wicked mama. since the early parts of the movie, my friends & i were already singing praises for this movie. well, i couldnt understand why this movie got an F (an F?!! & mostly bad reviews) & did so poorly in the US box office. maybe the general audience couldnt accept the portrayal of alexander’s sexuality. maybe some would say that this wasnt an accurate portrayal of the great man, but who’s to say that everything written in history are completely accurate & true & not altered? i, for one, wont mind a little bit of guy/guy action, lol ;Þ

it may be over-dramatic at times, but it didnt really bother me. i trusted that oliver stone would make this movie the best that he could & he didnt disappoint. lots of imagery used & greek culture/gods showned & mentioned. i love it! i’m in awe. the movie impressed me so much, i cant wait for the dvd to come out with everything intact, no cuts, so that i can admire & absorb everything

what else is there to say? its a must-watch epic, way better than troy. just go watch it with a pinch of salt & admire the beauty & courage the movie has shown to the world =D


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