*he was only defeated once, by Hephaestion’s thighs*

the end of the year used to be filled with excitement cos of the LOTR movies. but fret not, this year, there’ll be other great movies coming out (and also the extended edition of return of the king, hee)—>

  • alexander (colin farrell blonde? i hope he pulls it off)
  • bridget jones (love the first one, though the primary message was ‘if u dont get a man by 30, u’re a pathetic soul’ bleh)
  • spongebob the movie! (spongebob squarepants, spongebob squarepants…need i say more?)
  • the incredibles (looks amazing & sounds like fun)

i cant remember others, maybe one of jude law’s many movies to come out this year. i want to see alfie & closer, looks interesting.

read in yahoo bout an uproar being caused by the alexander movie. it seems that some Greeks are offended by the portrayal of alexander in the movie as being bisexual. so bloody what?! come on, i think its kinda general knowledge that alexander was gay/bi (thats what i read so far). i’m surprised that in our so-called modern times, we can still be so conservative in some ways. if u read historical texts, homosexuality was accepted throughout history, though in some eras, they were persecuted. but from what i’ve read, ancient greeks & romans were appreciative of anything beautiful, including the male beauty. so it comes as no surprise that some were bisexuals. sexuality wasnt a concern then & it shouldnt be one now.

i need to watch my clothes then nap. so, enough ranting for today.


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