What is your stand on…..

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Abortion? its a choice, though personally, i think its cruel
Death Penalty? undecided
Prostitution? undecided
Alcohol? why not? as long not excessive
Marijuana? its a mild drug but no
Other drugs? no
Gay marriage? why not?
Illegal immigrants? depending on their situation,

though personally i dont feel

safe with them around
Smoking? no, but its people’s choice
Drunk driving? definitely no
Cloning? no, unless its therapeutic &

even that i have my doubts
Racism? no
Premarital sex? its people’s choice
Religion? see previous answer
The war in Iraq? unnecessary & too hasty
Bush? no!
Downloading music? why not?
The legal drinking age? people drink whether its legal or not
Porn? its doesnt matter
Suicide? i understand why some do it

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