i need a vacation!

finally got to watch angels in america. found the dvd at the friendly local vcd shop, cant believe they got it here. i love that store. anyways, bought the 2-disc (of course its pirated, they dont sell the original here) for only rm30. worth every cent, i tell u. but i think, when watching for the 1st time, dont try watching all 6 hours of it at one go. it’s seriously tiring on the mind. i know its a movie with messages & methaphors intersperse in its scenes, so i keep trying to figure it out. i’m like that when watching anything. i analyse things. dont know if its such a good idea. anyhow, its a a very good movie with a fantastic cast. they deserved every award they won & were nominated for. i wish i could watch the original play or read the book. well, guess i have to find a way to get the book

i love the cast. their acting was so damn good. all of them are stage-veterans, whom i really admire. i feel very strongly bout the AIDS epidemic & the stigma faced by PLWHA (person living with HIV/AIDS) & gays. this movie gives hope to them & highlights the problems faced by them & the ignorance that prevailed until now. it’s still as relevant today as it was when it was released in 1993. back in the 80s, when AIDS first start to surface, it was deemed a homosexual disease & anyone who has it, died quietly & in shame. i hope with more exposure & education, the public will understand that AIDS doesnt discriminate & choose who it wants to infect. anyone, can get it. even u & me

if u have the chance, watch this really great, thought-provoking movie


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