shallow rantings

i woke up feeling very critical of myself. i couldnt seem to decide what to wear & to me, all my clothes were shit. i dislike they way they make me look. or maybe i just dislike the way i look. maybe i need to get new clothes, maybe something new will cheer me up. i need variety in my wardrobe & i have so many visions of designs in my head, i feel like exploding. i seem to have a liking for ribbons nowadays & jackets too. i discovered that some of my shoes are either worn out or dont fit me anymore (my feet has gotten a size smaller, if that isnt weird enough)

i wish i have more money to get stuff. i wish i’d have the willpower to exercise & lose my tummy. then i can have my navel pierced, hah!

after yesterday’s feeling of euphoria (not quite), i’ve fallen back to earth. i knew it was too good a thing to last. i bumped into an old classmate from high school on the way back just now. i feel a little embarassed when i have to tell him i’m here to do a pre-uni course, albeit for only 1 year then i get to go to university next year. but still, he’s already more than half through his course & he’ll be graduating soon & here i am, already wasted my time & my parents money, looking like a failure. of course, there’s always something to compensate for me re-taking a pre-uni course; i met great friends =D God has a funny way of doing that, nothing is ever all bad or all good. i think its a balance thing, the ying & yang of life, the middle ground of everything in life. everything has its pros & cons, its ups & downs, u get my drift

i’m hungry

i never said this post werent aimless & shallow


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