i got my nose & ear pierced last friday. yay! my upper right ear & the left side of my nose. not particularly painful, in fact it was no pain at all. except when i accidentally knocked into my ear or nose. ouch! anyway, i’m afraid of getting infections, though i think its inevitable. i keep forgetting to avoid certain ‘poisonous’ foods, like eggs, fish, etc..

i’m so excited & glad that i finally got my nose pierced. i’ve wanted to do it for so long. its not quite a spontaneous decision, but i decided a few days ago that i wanted it done. didnt even think of the consequences. maybe i was too busy. but my gut told me to just do it. ahaha

my mum called earlier just now, & my sis told her bout it. i figured that my parents will have enough time to digest it & not be so mad at me by the time i’m back home on wednesday. besides, i cant hide this piece of good news from my mum, i’ll feel bad if i do. i’m just afraid that they’ll think i’m involved with a bad crowd or something. they’re sometimes conservative in that way. usually they let me do whatever i want cos they know i’m a responsible, sensible person (i’d like to think that i am ;Þ) i’m so happy, its looking good =D

next —> tattoos

i’ve always wanted to get tattoos. notice the plural & not singular noun. i plan to get one for my 21st birthday, which is 3 months away. i’m not sure what design i want, i just know i want something to signify my family & the love i have for them & the hope that they’ll be protected. so most likely, it’ll have angel wings or a crucifix or something hovering over their names or something to represent them.. i just hope that i’ll have enough money by then to do it

now watching: champions league highlights! i’m so glad tv3 is telecasting live champions league matches *big grin*


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