elections oi

in a few hours time, americans will wake up & go to their respective election booths to select their president. hopefully, the majority of them makes the right choice. i’m sure the world is very anxious bout the outcome of this very important presidential election. i cant remember the older elections, perhaps the 2000 one, where i had hoped al gore would win. that was the first presidential election that i was old enough to pay attention to. supreme court deciding who becomes the president, who would forget? i hope this time it wouldnt turn out to be a farcical circus again

personally, i’d want john kerry to win, just because compared to bush, he seems more capable & smart. also he’s a liberal, i dont like the fact that bush is marginalising gays & being too holier-than-thou. there’s just so many bush policies that i dont agree with. he really portrays himself to be a backward redneck who is quite ignorant of the outside world & seems incapable of making smart statements. to be fair, this is how he is portrayed in this part of the world, but based on his policies alone, if i were an american, i’d have voted against him anyhow. democrats are generally more liberal & when i had read al gore’s policies during the last election, i’d rooted for him. so whoever it is, anyone is better than bush ;Þ

though i wish that kerry would win but i’m not sure how he’d handle the iraq & al qaeda crisis & also the other internal problems he’s gonna face if he wins. some may not agree with bush but they may vote for him cos they dont think its a good idea for someone new to handle the crisis. i dunno…of course, every politician will promise good things in order to win over the public’s vote. but hopefully, if kerry wins, things will get better & not worse. i really, really hope bush doesnt win……enough said


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