ooooohh, i cant wait

i cant wait for december 14 to come…cos LOTR: return of the king extended edition will be released!! woohoo! how exciting, i just read a small review of it. so much is added back into the movie, which is going to be a grand finale to such a fantastic epic. its going to be uber awesome! my heart sings just thinking bout it. personally, i wasnt really satisfied with the theatrical version as it left out so much & wasnt smooth-flowing…i wish december would come quicker, ROTK EE will be a great christmas pressie =D


btw, got my results in the mail last week. whoo, i’m quite satisfied with it. got As for economics & english, Bs for accounting, writing for mass communication, malay & computer studies. so my GPA is 3.3. i know it may be peanuts compared to others who got higher in their 1st semester, like my sis who got GPA 4.0. eh but u cant expect much from me k, as long as i passed & can meet the university’s requirement, i’m happy…whoot! ooh, forgot to mention that i passed my dancing also, lol =D

catchy song of the day: natasha bedingfield’s these words (cute song)


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