i had my 1st presentation today, for my english class. i presented bono (pronounced bah-noh, ahahah, i just found this out). it was fine, i guess, i was nervous as usual but i think i didnt show it too much. in my haste, i forgot to put up my u2 poster. aih~ so anyways, in every presentation, i have to have my speech ready & then i’ll just refer to it, almost word for word, cos i cant speak impromptu & form grammatically-correct sentences. but i think sooner or later i’ll have to learn to not rely on my prepared speech too much, it wont be an effective presentation otherwise


i caught latte@8 last night. jason had a woman from spca to talk bout their centre. the lady spoke very passionately bout the abandonned animals & i was just too moved & cried. even thinking bout it now makes me wanna cry for the poor animals, who’re just dumped at the centre after being tortured, neglected & starved. it makes me think of my dogs & how, sophie & zac nearly became someone else’s soup. how could people be so heartless & treat animals like that. like they’re just worthless, unfeeling objects?! the spca has to put to sleep most of the animals they have cos they dont have enough space & funds to properly take care of them. i sincerely hope that more people adopt from this shelters, like PAWS or SPCA cos the animals there are just the same as the pedigree ones u buy at expensive stores. in fact, according to the woman, pedigree dogs are even being dumped at the centre. wtf is wrong with this people?! they spend so much on something that they’re not commited to or arent responsible enough to take proper care of. having a pet is very big responsibily, almost like having a baby. they need our care & love as they’re almost helpless. animals cant voice out their pain or suffering. to me, every dog has their own personality, just like what i described my dogs in my previous post. they have different moods, needs but they all have one thing in common- they’re very loyal & loving. i hope i get to help out at the centre as soon as possible….this world is just so damn fucked up

i miss my dogs so much

last downloaded song: duran duran’s ordinary world

random thought: i just love firefly tv series, cant wait for it to be released next year. too bad its cancelled on tv 😦


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