its almost the end of the 2nd week of the new semester. so far i’ve been overwhelmed by the assignments i got & its not over yet. there’s still some subjects that havent give out the assignments. anyways, i feel calmer now, compared to the anxiety i felt before & when i started classes this sem. i dunno why, is it cos of hormones or am i getting older now? lol. maybe i’ve learnt that i can cope with anything, as long as i have faith & am prepared. or maybe its just the weekend & i’m excited that i’m going home tomorrow. those loads of assignments & presentations during my stint at inti doing SAM is doing me good now. during those days, i remember i had 3-4 assignments & 2 presentations due the same week. phew~ however did i manage that? *i should do yoga*

ok, now i have numerous projects & presentations due during the course of the semester. actually they’re very interesting. like for my english presentation, i have to present a public figure who has made a positive contribution to society. so, i chose bono of u2 after much thinking. he’s a prolific humanitarian & cool to boot. then there’s art, where we’re suppose to create our own drawing, painting or sculpture based on the art movements over the centuries. i think thats what my lecturer meant. i’m not sure cos i cant get through her obviously fake aussie accent & atrocious language. her lack of presentation skills is another problem cos i seriously couldnt understand her. her assignment for us was very confusing at first but i think i get what she wants. i hope, heh. oh, & she wanted us to go to the national library to do research on our art topic. i dont even have time to do anything & she wants me to go to some place where i dont know the location? anyways, px & co went except me & tammy cos our timetables clashed. ish…

listening to: simply red say u love me

recently downloaded: u2’s with or without u


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