emmet.sophie.zac *precious*

finally pictures of my *bubus*, my precious darlings. i love them so much, cant imagine life without them. the pictures didnt come out great, well they’re taken with a camera phone. anyways, introducing emeline’s angels =D


  • female
  • born around christmas ’97
  • came to us in march 1998

  • 6+ years old
  • mei-mei, mutu, mutu-chan, loh yook-mei, occasionally chan-chan (dont ask me why)
  • sometimes moody, not a morning person, likes anything that we eat, doesnt really like praise & the sun (like me), likes to ‘sing’


  • female
  • born around christmas ’99

  • join the family in january 2000
  • 4+ years old

  • phie, girl, dar, loh yook-ei, baby
  • quiet, cool, elegant, playful, protective of zac, brave & fierce towards strangers, gentle


  • male
  • sophie’s younger brother

  • born around xmas ’99 (yes, all my dogs are xmas babies ;Þ)
  • 4+ years old
  • bubu, babu, boy, loh yook-wei, dar, baby, zhu-zhu (piggy)

  • baby of the family, affectionate, gentle, outgoing, likes to eat, playful

listening to: red 1049 playing the camel song (i forgot the singer)- very hilarious song from long time ago, lol!!


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