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i’m left all alone for 2 nights, starting from today. sis’s going home today, after her last class. fucking college is still assigning saturday classes to us (cps students). i’d thought that the ordeal would be over after 1 semester of enduring saturday classes & only having 24 hours to spend with my family. what kind of a college is this?! they have this kind of secondary, cina-pek mentality that really irks me. i sometimes wish i was at a more expensive private college, just so i’ll get better services & facilities & treatment. inti college wasnt like this. i wish inti had journalism or mass communication, so i wouldnt have to leave there in the first place. tar college sucks, i tell u. totally, majorly sucks!!

first, they put me in another class with other strangers cos they’re dividing us into 3 classes with the june intakes. so, i’m separated from my friends, who are mostly in the other class. fortunately, i have tammy & esther with me here but still i’m just a stranger in a new class, where all the cliques have been made. dont the stupid college realise that its very hard to find people u click with?! i requested for a transfer back to my old class & they didnt even call me. according to tammy i have to find people from the other class to swap places with me. i’ll try this again tomorrow or maybe i wont, i think i can now accept being in the class. what if i can find someone to swap with me but the school doesnt let me?! i’ve a feeling it can & will happen. what to do, we’re at the mercy of the college

again, to the issue of saturday classes. i think we’re the only college to have them. i mean what’s the point? i’d rather they cram the classes into the other 5 days, which isnt really that packed anyway, compared to what i experienced before at inti. why the fucking hell waste our saturdays & spoil the weekend?!

also, the library people are just not doing their jobs. u ask them to manually check books out for u (they have an electronical device to check books out ourselves) & they give u all sorts of shit bout this & that. what’s the use of employing u at the check out counter if u dont do ur job?!

theres just a lot of grouses but also some good things bout this college. but i’ll just stop my whining & comparing tarc with inti & get on with life, bleh ;Þ

currently reading: john grisham’s the client

listening to: red 1049fm which’s playing switchfoot


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