just some random thoughts since i’m here

finished reading angels & demons last week. in fact, since then i’ve also finished reading john grisham’s runaway jury. now, i’m looking for other materials to read. have been quite addicted to dan brown & his so-called historical thrillers. i dunno how to categorise his books otherwise. anyways, am very interested & intrigued by the stuff covered in his books; all those symbology, religious history, mythology, etc. must find news books of the like. found out a few names after i searched at & found that people who bought dan brown have also bought umberto eco’s foucalt’s pendulum & katherine neville’s the eight. hmm, interesting find

now on to my thoughts on angels & demons. while half-way reading it, i find that its better than da vinci code, albeit maybe minutely. after finishing it, i’m convinced that this book is a better masterpiece compared to da vinci. personally, i liked da vinci but i found the ending a bit hard to believe, i dont know why. anyways, back to A&D. this is by far the most thrilling, intriguing, fast-paced, page-turner i’ve ever read. i cant stop gushing over how brilliant this book is. i now know more bout the vatican city & conclave than i’ll ever learn from other sources. its amazing how dan brown can weave such a story with so many plots & twists & turns intersperse with religious symbology & history & pull it off brilliantly. the first book i bought in so many years turned out to be the best choice i’ve made. i just love the settings in historical, romantic rome & the holy city. i can almost imagine everything that he described in detail. i also love robert langdon, the protagonist in the book & da vinci. he’s not the typical macho ‘i’ll protect u’ hero. he’s an intelligent, vulnerable, funny, sensitive everyday man.*yum* i’m glad that brown didnt write this character as an egoistical & ‘i’ll never cry’ man. moreover, i’m glad that his female counterpart, vittoria vetra is equally as intelligent, strong & independant as he is. she’s not those weak, ‘help!’ damsels in distress, though she was kidnapped & needed help form robert. but she helped too to kill that SOAB who kidnapped her

i recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for something rich in details, facts & history & filled with twists & turns. it’ll leave u breatheless & hungering for more =D

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