final 2 in malaysian idol!!

OMG!! jac is finally in the final 2 of msian idol..woohoo!! i had feared that she’d be kicked out to make way for that mediocre, weak-voiced vick but thank God she made it. and with dina to boot! wow, this is gonna be a sensational & tight final (i hope)

i know a lot of people are against jac, maybe cos she has too much experienced & an album for this kind of competition. or maybe they’re bored with her (how can u be?!!) personally, i think she’s very good & maybe there isnt enough good competition to challenge her, though of course dina, nikki, etc are very good but they lacked her experienced in performing live. and she has the charisma & unique voice plus the personality. i wouldnt mind too much if dina wins but i guess i’m already 95% sure that i’m gonna vote for jac. i’ve been with this girl since the beginning & i want to see her on the world stage & be able to stand head & shoulders with fantasia barrino & other fantastic singers from around the world

there are some dissenters that say she sounds a bit like fantasia, but maybe its cos hers is a kind of voice that is seldom heard in the industry. we always hear those mariah- or whitney-type vocals, that whoever that sounds unique will pique our interest. but of course, due credit to dina for having an awesome talent & bubbly personality but i feel that she lacks experienced & a little inconsistent. we dont want an idol who would embarass us in front of the world audience, do we? ( i dont know if u all have seen the 1st world idol, but i distinctly remember the german idol, who sang embarassingly awful & made a fool of himself). jac has always been consistent & making each song her own, so remember to vote for JAC!!


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