todays a sad day for mankind

ok, so its not that sad for mankind but it is for me (so sue me for being a drama queen) ;Þ

i’ve always watched football on terrestrial tv ever since i can remember. every year there’d be english premier league highlights on tv3 & then there’s champions league championship on tv1. now theres nothing footie on free tv. zilch. i cant believe it, i’ve always live for this. awaiting the season to start, i’ll satisfy my need for sports by watching formula one, but thats nothing compared to the beautiful game. football is life & now the tv stations thats responsible for bringing it to our screens have broken a tradition, so to speak. maybe they havent any sponsors, maybe they couldnt buy the rights to screen it. but sadly, i wasnt informed of this

now what do i do without my yearly dose of football medicine? luckily there was euro 2004 but i found it this time to be quite a boring event. well, maybe cos the teams i was rooting for went out early. it really pains me that i cant watch it & instead have to read it from the newspapers. of course, i can get cable & pay to watch but seeing that i live in the hostel which disallows tv even & i only come back during weekends, theres no point in getting astro. though i’ve been hankering to get it but then i’d be welded into the couch & become one with it. so no go…bleh

life will never be the same again for more juve, milan, chelsea. no more watching the underdogs slay the bigger more football 😦


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