look what the cat brought in

today must be the most exciting day so far into the holidays..i went shopping..yay!!

went to midvalley today just so that i could get out of the house, was going bonkers in it. didnt expect to buy anything, maybe if we’re lucky we could get some nice tops or accessories..wow, never thought that i could get great purchases in one trip..heehee, am very happy with that. there werent much sales going on except at jusco

stuff i got:

  • tank top, tee, & long sleeve shirt from FOS
  • nice mini flair skirt
  • great heels & flats from vincci at jusco, they were at rock-bottom prices..OMFG!!
  • nice undies
  • i finally bought a book—> dan brown’s angels & demons..was so tempted to buy da vinci’s code also, but sis convinced me that since i’ve already read that, so shouldnt waste money..there were so many books i wanted to buy, have a whole list of them that i’vent read

all these for around rm200, which i think for so many stuff is really value for money. of course plus food & stuff, so was really excited bout it =D i was left breatheless by all the shopping, literally, i was out of breath & dizzy..lol


am having dinner with buddiez, either tomorrow night or sunday. am having farewell for feilou. well, have to say that i’m gonna be a bit sad with him going away. we’ve known each other for more that 10 years, though not very close. ah, but we’ll lose a driver to drive us to mamak every other weekend..*sob* now i’ll really have to re-learn driving, hahahha..i’m kidding; bout treating feilou as driver only (noooo, of course we’ll miss him greatly) but maybe not bout driving again..i get easily distracted, so i’m afraid that i wont pay enough attention on the street & then bang up the car..aiks!!


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