"u say u love me, then u do it again"

i’m feeling so restless nowadays, just feel like running out of the house & do something. but of course when the sanity comes back, i dont. sigh, i’m bored outta my mind! luckily i’m going shopping this friday. then maybe i’ll spend more time with buddies, especially feilou & puiling cos they’re going off soon…


nikki was kicked out of msian idol last sunday. damn, that was a shock. never expected jac & her to be in the bottom 2. msians really have bad taste & are really shallow. how else would u explain that the weakest of the bunch, all the 3 guys are still here?!! OMFG! at least, i hope that andrew gets kick out next. i cant believe that Jac got low votes too. sigh, maybe i shouldnt be so into the show. its not worth my time anyways, with a bunch of mediocre singers (except for jac la). ’nuff said


i want to watch more films..good ones, funny ones, serious ones, old, new, bad, watever..i think maybe i’ll head over to sg wang or somewhere else to get some dvds (pirated of course ;Þ). i miss broadband connection, this fucking dialup is pissing me off everyday, bleh


somehow, everytime i read a certain person’s journal, i’ll get inspired to write myself. his words are so beautiful, there’s so much passion & angst in them. and his love & him as person, its just pure beauty..sigh, sometimes i wish i could be like him, even just having half of his talent would be enough. also his love, i wish i could have someone like that, hmm….


fave radio station: red 104.9fm, which plays the best music. notably stereophonics & travis =D

current fave tv show: one tree hill, same reason as above

facts bout me: i dont like the sun & i get confused easily, ha.ha.ha.


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