TGIF! then again, everyday seems like friday now

i cant seem 2 keep track of time nowadays, since my semester break started. the only thing that reminds me of which day it was is with the help of tv programming. yep, good ol tv addict me, will only know the days of the week if i know whats showing that day. hahaha ;p


bad news of the fact there’re a lot of bad news lately—->

* bombing of aussie embassy in jakarta has definitely touched a nerve cos it hit so close to home. if it can happen in a neighbouring muslim country, what makes us immune to it? though, i’m keeping my fingers crossed that our security will be better, though it has nothing to do with security at all..seeing the pictures of the victims just tear my heart out, innocents who were just bystanders in this war..the situation is so complicated, i dont feel like commenting on it now

* many rape victims may never get to put their perpetrators to jail cos of a dumb precedent set by an appeals judge. the judge ruled in a case that a man wasnt guilty of raping his daughter cos of uncertainties in time & dates. WTF?! u mean to say that even though a rape has obviously occured, u wont charge the bastard who did it cos the victim couldnt remember the exact time & day? sometimes, the administration here just confounds me. honestly, u expect the person who was just raped to immediately write it down in their diaries? come on, judge, think clearly. they’re too traumatised to even think of reporting to the authorities, let alone worrying if they got the dates right…it never ends…

criminals always get away scot free cos of tecnicalities. like one episode in the practice, where the D.A.’s case was thrown out cos of a technicality. a man was found to have a body in closet but cos the police didnt have a warrant to search his home, so it was deemed unlawful & inadmissible…maybe this is one of the reasons i cant be a lawyer


fact of the moment: i like gay men ;Þ

current song: travis’ re-offender


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