exams finally ended last thursday..phew~ quite a tiring week, i must say but not very nerve-wrecking, though i had some sleepless nights..bleh..anyways, hope i do well, though dont have much hope 4 accounting cos, as usual i didnt finished it. after a few years of learning acc. i still cant master it..guess i just dont have the talent or patience for it, heh

so after the final paper ended at 11am, some of us- pei xzan, ming yang & tammy went straight to jusco to have lunch. we made plans to meet up with sue lynn, mei-ee & jin wen later that day at pyramid. after lucnh went back to room to try & nap a lil b4 going again. anyways, was suppose to leave at 4.30 but as usual, i was late. went to tammy’s 1st to help straighten her hair. i helped out px. but the end result wasnt that obvious, me thinks. only the front part was straight..after that, we drove 2 sunway. anyhow, we reached there late cos of traffic jam. had dinner at kimgary’s; me had cheese baked rice, which was very yummy but very, very filling. also had some french toast, which was heavenly. after all those food, we gotta work it out right? so we walked around the mall while deciding where to go next. we ended up at flam’s & danced the night away. by the end of it, my feet were just killing me cos i was wearing my 3-inch dancing heels. sigh, the price we pay 4 vanity ;Þ anyways, had fun; we went to mamak later to get some drinks & mingyang to get some food (as usual ;D). stopped by at lynn’s to “borrow” her toilet, hehe. we reached home bout 3-something. luckily 4 me, there were still some souls who were awake that time cos exams are still on 4 some. though i didnt dare to shower & wash my ciggie-smelling hair. i’m sure to imagine stuff, even under bright lights, haha..

next day, i was to meet up with jans to get some gifts. was suppose to meet @ 1pm but i posponed it to 2pm cos i couldnt wake up so early. still i was 45min late cos i went out to take the bus too late & had to wait 4 another. so i had lunch @ kimgary’s with jans & boi (i dunno if she minds i write it here, though no one reads this stuff). i think i’ll save my comments (good, i assure u) 4 boi later, in private. after makan, we jalan-jalan while boi went back. steph couldnt make it cos she didnt have transport

stuff i got (4 myself or otherwise):

*watch 4 meself from vincci, a cool funky chunky one =D

*gifts 4 pui ling, mei lian, fei lou, chen’s friends (cant tell wat they are 1st)

*a cool black tee from three-point-six

*a black velvety back for good ol hp

didnt get any shoes cos didnt see any that i like that was practical & affordable. i saw a brown suede 4-incher, i just love it but too bad i couldnt wear it anywhere. bleh

now at home, with my darling doggies & my friends here but i miss my room too & broadband net connection & also my friends there. i’m happy & maybe a lil satisfied with how my life is going. i’ve been very lucky..God has blessed me =D


watched the rock edition of msian idol yday. i didnt catch the 1st few but man, was it hilariously badd!! save of course 4 jac, who was superb as usual. her rendition of the guns & roses classic was awesome. they might as well close the competition now & give her the title. but to me, the title msian idol is quite lame & just doesnt ring international but i hope jac will gain international fame with her own style. now, i think she still sounds a lil like fantasia but in her own way. so hopefully she’ll do great =D

the other..wat can i say? they suck like shit..saw in the playback, andrew singing creed. OMG, i was laughing my pants off. he looked incredibly hokey & stupid. then that idiotic vick tried to ‘sing’ my dear LP’s numb. wat untalented assholes, this bunch of so-called idols

thunder’s ringing in the sky…


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