u think u know someone but u actually dont. i thought that we’re very close but sadly that person doesnt tell me anything that they’re thinking or feeling. its really sad, i wanna help & try to understand but that person wont let me. theres so much i dont know bout that person. but then again, there’re some things that i dont share with people. i tend to tell everything to that person, well almost everything. sigh i dont know what to think or say…today’s not a good day


i’m feeling weary & restless since i woke up around 1pm. cant seem to study. i’m easily distracted, i find as i grow older. i know i should study but even when there’s immense pressure & anxiety, i’d only push a bit harder, but not quite enough. i wish to go away, for vacation, some place nice & cool. i wish i had someone with me right now to share my feelings & thoughts. i wish for clean drinking water cos the hostel’s seem hellbent on poisoning me. now i’m so thirsty, i think i have a headache. i’m listless today, seems lost, i dunno what to think or write. i’m just blabbing with erratic thoughts..~~

i wish it’ll rain & cool evrything down & make everything nice & calm

damn fuck, theres an elephant living above. stupid bitch, jumping everyday…wat is she doin?! playing freaking basketball?!! i should take my hammer & bang it against the ceiling..dammit


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