i found that as i grow older, i’m being more critical & judgemental, not only of myself but others too..after watching mean girls, the part where lindsay lohan was competing with the girl in a quiz, i realise that i’m like that too. if i saw a person dressing a certain way, i’ll give comments; if not aloud then inside my head. i mean, who am i to judge & criticise them anyway? i should know better, having been at the receiving end of it some time ago. how did i become so cynical, so critical? but then i cant help it though i’m trying to control it now. maybe i should become a critic for a mag or newspaper some day. in fact, thats kinda wat i wanna do besides feature writing

i remember when i was younger, i had many friends & i didnt care whether they were fat or dark or poor. in kindergarten, we didnt care, we just mixed around though i remember a girl who was small & pretty & got a lot of attention. but still the emphasis placed on appearances were very minimal at that time. as i grew older & puberty hit, fat jokes were abound. i’ve found we’ve become really shallow as we become older & supposedly wiser. or maybe its just me, heh…all this thoughts while in the shower..aih~ erratic thoughts

countdown to freedom: 4 more final papers!!

last updated: pic album

last movie watched: collateral (quite nice)

its the weekend, yay!! though i’ve to study..bleh ;Þ


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