d-day has come!

finally started my exams today, yay! soon it’ll end, then i’m free 4 a month, heh…1st up was english, normal paper like spm. so in the essay section i wrote a fictional story, which wasnt always my forte but i found that i’ve been writing it very often in exams. its a continue the story after 2 sentences given..”i could not sleep that night. a disturbing thought occupied my mind…” my plot was that i’m a lawyer & i was called by my mentor to represent his son accused of murdering his girlfriend at their apartment. the son claimed that they were robbed & the robbers killed her. so anyways, a murder weapon wasnt found but the police arrested him cos there wasnt any evidence of a third party in the apartment or the fact that their neighbours say the couple always have loud & violent quarrels. i was doubtful at first but then i did it as a favour to my mentor & also a large fee was promised. so i won the case but then his ex called me, wanting to talk to me bout him. but she was ‘mugged & killed’ the night she was supposed to meet me, so i started to have doubts again. then i rewrote “i could not sleep tonight…” & said that an intruder came into my house. just as i was about to hit him with my baseball bat, his face caught the moonlight & i saw that it was my client….

hah, it was a lil predictable & unoriginal but like i said before, fiction is not my forte. i’m always influenced by stuff i’ve seen, so this time i think i got my inspiration from the practice & lawyer shows i’ve seen. hopefully the marker will still give me good marks & i’ll score in the paper. hell, wat do u expect from a pre-uni student?! a fucking thriller? hehehe

tmrw’s writing for mass comm..hopefully the ‘tips’ i was given are accurate & i’ll at least pass..then after that its the weekend..not going back, so sad. will miss my doggies very much..oh yeah, pui ling’s coming back too, from india..woohoo!! its been 6 months already? time passes very quickly when u’re not looking. hmm…i always dread econs paper, i dunno why. when i did my SAM, it was also the same case. i struggled to learn everything then when it came to the crunch, i crumbled like a cookie. needless to say i didnt do very well in it, hee ;Þ o hopefully with the ‘tips’ in hand, i’ll be able to at least pass it again. doing this CPS is just like a passing game, of course i hope to do well. but i always expect the worst so that i wont be too disappointed when its bad

last vcd bought: american beauty (original, can u believe it?!!)

countdown to freedom: approximately 7 days & 15 hours…cant wait =D


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