night bat

its already 2.40am & i’m still not yet watching the olympics & revising at the same time..just suddenly feel the need to write, my mind’s tired, so its just me blabbing..i can feel the onset of pms, its always like this..the emotions just keep on piling..i havent feel depressed for quite some time but sometimes it just comes & it especially hits hard during pms..bleh ;Þ i miss home, miss hanging out with my babes, miss the feeling of companionship, miss the feeling of just bumming, going out at night with friends…..i have a lot of stuff to add to the links, hmm..dont have the mood now..u know wat, our msian commentators really suck. they cant say a full sentence in one breath, always stopping & looking at their papers, aah-ing, erm-ing. its just irritating. will they just stop & let the brit commentators do it cos they are just marvelous..when will our broadcast commentaries improved?? blah, blah, blah….zzzZZzZzz


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