dancing queen

finally, it is over!! the dance is over, complete, never to be done again (i hope)..well, it wasnt that bad after i got through it but it was tiring as hell. practicing almost everyday the whole of last week until 8pm is not an easy task. though it was good exercise & a lil fun, my muscles were aching by the time it was finished yesterday at 1pm. a few of my friends won some prize (they only awarded 1st til 10th prize). the champions was as expected, well, by me at least & my friend was in that group too..so yay 4 them!!

saturday was very hot & i had to wake up very early to practice b4 the competition started at 12. forgot to put on sunblock on my hands & legs. had 3 dances to do, with 1.5min of changing time in between. it wasnt as nerve-wrecking as i expected. i didnt really know what to expect anyways. our number was 26, so we only got to dance at around 3pm. very scorching hot by then. by that time, all the make up i had, had already melted..blehness..anyways i did mess up a bit: danced too fast or too slow, missed my cue, forgot steps, etc..but hopefully we all passed cos we didnt really screw up majorly. for all this i get 2 credit hours..yayness!!

i’m currently trying to spruce up my blog…ooh fun =Þ


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