list of movies to watch (incomplete as i cant remember all):

  • spiderman 2
  • king arthur
  • bourne supremacy & bourne identity
  • kill bill v.2
  • anchorman
  • fahrenheit 9/11
  • mean girls
  • harry potter 3
  • around the world in 80 days

back in college, but wmc classes kept being cancelled, which is good but can they inform us earlier so we dont have to go all the way to classes only to find out….bleh…met college friends today, very fun. missed them =D

i’m dreading the dance competition/exam thingy. not the perfoming in front of people that worries me so much, its the practice sessions with strangers which will take my free time. i treasure my leisure time & i hate to be doing something that i dont like during that precious time. have thoughts bout quiting but i cant! just 1 & half weeks more & it’ll all be over. no more stupid dancing next sem..yay!! well, if i pass this 2nd level exam that is ;p

thought of writing in my private journal & here last night..was feeling very emo. miss my baby dogs, feel guilty bout leaving them home alone, feel like i’ve somehow failed them by not providing them with feelings of joy & contentment. i may sound like some overzealous animal freak but i love my dogs like my own children. their my precious..hope to see them real soon (this weekend). shit, i cant go home next weekend (7 & 8 aug). dammit, damn that stupid dance!!

miss my chi muis (sistas) also. havent hang out with them for quite some time. we’ve been tight for 10 years now, i hate to think that our work commitments & distance will push us apart

now i have to go prepare my bath..this chicken pox is quite troublesome..its healing already but bathing rituals remain..bleh, cant wait for normal shower to resume…& my face, cant wait to scrub it clean..some have commented that i look darker than before. waahh!! this is terrible (but not to say those born naturally dark are teribble)

music: george michael’s amazing

mood: quite happy (that i’m missed) but there’s an underlying tension (cos of that stupid dance)

i’ll stop whining now ;p


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